B. Tutorial

Using Tutorial

In this section of manual are examples of 2D drawing and 3D modeling. Each example contains an animated flash, set of related images and description. Some of the flash frames or separate images contain labels displaying which key or mouse button will be pressed in the next step.

Clicking only the VariCAD objects is described; obvious behavior like a left click icons or buttons is omitted. Description of zoom, pan or 3D view rotation is omitted, too. The printed version of the manual contains only static images and description.

All images were scanned in 800x600 resolution. Generally, we don’t recommend working in such display resolution. It is the lowest possible for VariCAD. This resolution was selected because all tutorial images can be displayed completely in any higher resolution.

Location of toolbars can be different from your settings – partially because in 800x600 resolution the amount of toolbars is limited and partially because you may change the position or configuration of toolbars.

If the system requires user input like a button click or key press, corresponding text is displayed in the drawing area. Omitted are descriptions of obvious inputs like clicking the icons or panel buttons. In some cases, you can click an icon, press Enter or right click elsewhere (usually if you have to finish selection, etc). Not all possibilities may be displayed in such situations.

Working with Flash Examples

To use Flash examples, you need the proper plug-in in your web browser. For the help system under Windows, the proper plug-in must be installed in Microsoft Internet Explorer - regardless of your default browser. Windows HTML help system works with Explorer core.

If you have not installed any plug-in yet, and if your computer is connected to the Internet, it should be installed automatically. If automatic installation fails or if your browser is not able to run flash examples properly, visit the www.macromedia.com and download the flash plug-in.

Controlling Flash Examples

Buttons controlling flash behavior

The Flash examples used in the tutorial can be controlled with the following elements:

Objects Created in Tutorial, Corresponding Files

Example 1

Example 2

The examples displayed above are built from scratch. The tutorial shows each step of the creation. 2D drawing is demonstrated when creating 2D profiles, which are used for 3D extrusion later. After finishing the creation of the 2D profiles, 3D editing is demonstrated.

Other examples, like creation of 2D from 3D, sheet metal unbending, assemblies or shells use the existing files.

2D drawings and 3D objects created in the particular steps are available in the directory samples\tutorial in VariCAD installation. File names of the corresponding files appear in the VariCAD window upper frame. The paths of files can be different, however.