VariCAD Installation

VariCAD is distributed on DVD’s or as downloadable files from our FTP or website. To install VariCAD, follow the installation instructions. When installing on Windows, VariCAD uses NSIS routines, and for Linux the installation is created according to Linux distribution. To uninstall VariCAD, use the functions of your operating system. See also Trial Versions, Online Purchasing.

Installing Upgrades

Upgrades for one year are included in a maintenance package. After the upgrade period expires, you can purchase another one-year upgrade within another maintenance package. During the upgrade period, you can simply install the new version over the old one and all system files will be upgraded properly. Your own 2D/3D model files will either remain unchanged or will be automatically upgraded when you start the upgraded version of VariCAD. If you attempt to upgrade after the upgrade period has expired, the installation routine will not work.

Hardware and Software Requirements

For Windows users, we recommend Windows 7 over older versions. For Linux users, we recommend SUSE, Kubuntu, Ubuntu or Debian distributions.

The recommended RAM is at least 2GB, large 3D assemblies need more. Working with insufficient memory can cause swapping problems and a significant decrease in operation speed. For optimum performance, a graphics card that supports OpenGL is required. For color settings, use true color mode; 256-color mode or high color mode is insufficient.

There are no special requirements for printers or plotters. Under Windows, VariCAD uses the device drivers. You can also use VariCAD print drivers. VariCAD supports output to all standard output devices - ink, pin, pen or laser. VariCAD drivers support PostScript, HPGL, PCL or EPSON. For Linux, VariCAD uses Qt routines, or you can choose to use VariCAD drivers.

32-bit and 64-bit Versions

VariCAD is available as a 32-bit or 64-bit version. The 64-bit version requires, of course, a processor working in 64-bit mode and an operating system supporting 64-bit mode (like the 64-bit version of Windows Vista or Windows 7).

The 64-bit version is recommended especially for work with large assemblies.

For Linux operating systems, you should choose the correct version of VariCAD before installation. For Windows, the correct version is selected automatically during the installation process.