Contents of Reference Manual and Tutorial

A. Reference Manual


Introduction to VariCAD

VariCAD Installation

Installing Upgrades

Hardware and Software Requirements

32-bit and 64-bit Versions

Files and Directories Used by VariCAD

Running VariCAD the First Time

Default VariCAD Files

Converting 2D/3D Objects to and from Other Formats

How 3D Objects Are Converted to STEP or IGES

Creation of STL format


Getting Started

VariCAD User Interface

2D/3D Area

Status Bar

Toolbar Icons

Dialog Windows - Cancel and Back Buttons

Mouse Buttons

Invoking and Running VariCAD Functions

Finishing VariCAD Functions

Stepping Back within a Function

Selecting Objects between Functions

Additional Options within Functions

Creating, Opening and Saving VariCAD 2D/3D Files

Backing up Your Files

Working with Multiple Files

Copy and Paste

Switching between 2D and 3D

Undo and Redo

Dragging Objects

Listing System Information

2D Drawing vs. 3D Modeling

System Settings (Preferences)


2D Drawing

Displaying the 2D Drawing Area

Changing the View Using the Mouse and Keyboard

Display Functions

Rebuilding Functions

Zoom Functions

Saving Views

2D Display Settings

Screen Settings

Cursor Settings and Coordinate Listing

Types of 2D Objects

2D Drawing Attributes - Units, Formats, Scale


Format and Sheet Border

2D Drawing Scale

Attributes of 2D Objects

Working with 2D Layers

2D Object Colors

Line Types

Visibility of 2D Objects

Work Sets

2D Coordinate System

2D Drawing Aids


Construction Lines

Creating Construction Lines

Deleting Construction Lines

Creating Multiple Construction Lines

Increment Cursor Mode

Ortho Mode

Selecting 2D Objects

Methods of Selecting

Using Selection Windows (Marquees)

Limited 2D Selections

Deselecting Objects

Finishing the Selection

Selecting 2D Locations

Defining Angles and Directions

Writing Special Characters

Mathematic Expressions

Checking Objects, Distance, Angle and Coordinates

Drawing 2D Objects

Drawing Lines


Drawing Curves

Creating Points

Creating Circles and Arcs

Creating Text Objects

Editing and Deleting 2D Objects

Deleting Objects

Changing Objects Geometry

Creating Corners, Chamfers and Fillets

Breaking and Dividing 2D Objects

Editing Text

Transforming and Copying 2D Objects

Translating, Rotating and Scaling

Mirroring Objects

Offsetting Objects

Stretching Objects


Single Dimensions - Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal

Predefined Horizontal, Vertical and Diagonal Dimensions

Serial, Parallel and Datum Dimensions

Angular Dimensions

Diameter and Radius Dimensions, Thread Dimensions

Dimension Attributes

Finish Symbols

Weld and Tolerance Symbols

Creating Leaders

Editing Dimensions


Solid Fill

Hatching 2D Objects

Editing Hatches

Creating a Hatch Pattern


2D Blocks

Creating and Inserting Blocks

Editing Blocks

Libraries of Mechanical Parts

Selecting Mechanical Parts

Inserting Mechanical Parts into 2D

Inserting Mechanical Parts into 3D

Working with Mechanical Parts in 3D

Smart Functions using 3D Mechanical Parts

Mechanical Part Calculations

Printing and Plotting

Printing Methods

Selecting a Printer

Batch Print

Exporting Images as Bitmaps

VariCAD on the Internet

Trial Versions, Online Purchasing

3D Modeling

3D Display

Dynamic View Manipulation

Rotating View Using the Arrow Keys

3D View Tools

Saving Views

Shaded and Wireframe Display

3D Display Settings

Precise Displaying

Surface Shading

Setting 3D Display Performance

Setting Graphic Adapter

Hardware accelerated OpenGL

2D Drawing in 3D

Displaying Objects

2D Drawing

Working with 3D

3D Objects Shape Representation

Types of Shape Representation

Converting Shape Representations into Different Types

Highlighting Objects with Open Surfaces

Solving Problems in 3D

Tools Rebuilding 3D Data Structures

Tools Repairing Erroneous Solids Loaded from STEP

Tools Repairing Erroneous File

Creating Solids

Creating 3D Solids from 2D Profiles

Defining a 2D Profile

Solid Insertion Point

Revolving, Extruding, and Lofting Profiles

Helical Surfaces and Coils

Basic Solids

Cylinders, Cones, Boxes, Pyramids, Pipes, Spheres

Editing Solids

Selecting Solids

Visibility of 3D Objects

Shading and Colors of Individual Solids

Boolean Operations - Adding and Cutting Solids

Boolean Operations

Boolean Tree Structure Editing

Common Boolean Operations

Holes, Grooves, Cutting by Planes

Resolving (Exploding) Solids

3D Filleting and Chamfering

Deleting Solids

Editing Shape of Solids

Edit Solid Element Shape

Transforming and Copying Solids

Solid Object Coordinate System

3D Space Coordinate System

Inserting and Transforming Solids

Defining Vectors and Rotation Axes

Transforming Objects Using their Axes

Translating by Distance

Dynamic Translation

Rotating by Angle

Dynamic Rotation

Dragging in Increments

Additional Rotation around an Axis

Setting the Direction of Solids Axes

Positioning by Plane

Additional Boolean Operation, Constraints Definition

Changing Insertion Point, Displaying Axes

Inserting and Copying

Identical Copies of Solids

Defining 3D Locations

Selecting Planes

3D Locations Settings

Mirroring and Rescaling Solids

Groups of Solids


Definition of Parameters

Parameters in File

Parameters in Scaled Solids

Type of Parameters

Working with Parameters

Geometric Constraints

Constraints as Additional Transformations

Constraints as Removed Degrees of Freedom

Definition of Constraints

Constrained Objects

Types of Geometric Constraints

Chain of Constraints

Fixed Object within Constraints

Constraining Angles

Constraints in Solid Creation 2D Profiles

Constraining Objects in 2D Profile

Selecting Vertexes

Display Options

Filleting, Chamfering and Radii of Circles or Arcs

Constraining Circular Arcs

Constraining NURBS Curves

Editing Constraints

Deleting Constraints

Coordinate Systems

Exporting Views and Sections from 3D to 2D

Creating 2D from 3D

List of 3D View Exports, Updating Views

3D Sections

3D Comprehensive Shapes

Pipes and Wires

Offset Patches – Thick Shells

Threads in 3D

Checking Functions and Calculations

Units of Calculation Results

Volume, Mass, Surface and Moment of Inertia Calculations

Checking and Measuring Geometry

Interference between Solids

3D Assemblies

Creating Part Files, Assembly Files and Assembly Links

Saving and Loading the Assembly Files


Relative Paths in Assembly Links

Simultaneously Open Assembly and Part Files

Definition of Assembly-Part links

Definition of Sub-assembly-Part links

Breaking Links between Part or Sub-assembly and Assembly

Surface Development (Unbending)

Bill of Material, Object Attributes and Title Blocks

Object Attributes

Attribute Definition

Groups of Attributes

Output to Formatted Text (List of Parts)

Title Blocks

Export to Other Systems

Compatibility of Defined Attributes and Attribute Groups

Working with BOM

BOM at Basic Level

BOM Containing structure of Assembly

BOM from 3D Group

BOM Objects

Displaying, Filtering and Sorting BOM Objects

Creating Files from BOM

Copying Data from Assembly into Parts and Vice Versa

Supplementary Objects

Solid and Assembly Attributes

Solid Attributes

Assembly Attributes, Title Block Filling

Tips and Tricks

List of All VariCAD Functions


Embedded Functions

B. Tutorial

Using Tutorial

Working with Flash Examples

Controlling Flash Examples

Examples of 2D Drawing

Using Construction Lines

2D Automatic Detection, Drawing Lines, Filleting, Offsets

Drawing in Cursor Increment Mode and Keyboard Location Input

2D Mirroring, Creating Corners

Examples of 3D Modeling

Creating Solids, Profile Extrusion

Inserting New Solids into 3D Space

Changing Solid Insertion Point

Selecting Solids

Working with Library Parts

Transforming Solids

Copying Solids

Boolean Operations - Cut

Editing Solids Created from 2D Profiles

Basic Solids

Boolean Operations - Add

Cutting Material with Box Tool

Editing Shape of Basic Solids

Transforming Parts of Solids

Removing Parts of Solids

Transforming parts of solids after changes of their dimensions

Filleting Edges

Editing Fillets

Creating Pipes

Creating 2D from 3D

3D Shells

Sheet Metal Unbending (Surface Development)

3D Assembly


Parameters and Geometric Constraints

Definition of Parameters

Modification of Parameters

Example of Parametric Filleting and Chamfering

Defining Geometric Constraints for New Objects

Defining Geometric Constraints for Existing Objects

Changing and Checking Geometric Constraints

Editing Constraints, Rebuilding Solids

Constrained Angle

Parameters and Constraints in Solid Creation Profiles

Using parameters and constraints in lines and circles

Circles and Fillets Radii

Editing Existing Constraints

Circular Arcs

NURBS Curves

User Defined Coordinate Systems

Bill of Materials, Solid Attributes, Title Blocks

Title Blocks Definition

Attributes Configuration

Solid Attributes

Working with BOM

BOM Containing Sub-assemblies

Working with Supplementary Objects

Creating List of Parts

Crash Tests (Interferences)

3D Threads, 3D Sections, 2D Drawing in 3D

Creating 3D Threads

2D Drawing in 3D

Creating 3D Sections

2D Drawing from 3D Containing Sections and Threads

Quick Demonstration